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Looking to get into the roofing trade and excited to learn how to roof. On other threads a lot of people mentioned that the basics are learned in about 3 months ish. *My question is how long will it take for someone with little/no experience, in roofing, to become confident to roof on his own with making little to no mistakes (know when and if the under sheathing should be replaced, proper installation methods of all materials, etc)*I'm looking to get into a business that hires people with little experience, just want to know what to expect and how long itll take me.thanks guys
Category: Roofing Post By: MIRIAM DOYLE (Vineland, NJ), 02/04/2018

Roofing is so easy! The hard part about roofing is that it is very physically demanding. I started roofing when I was 14 and that is what I liked about roofing was that it was hard work. You could start roofing on your own in one week. If you encounter a problem all you have to do is google it and watch a video and it will show you how to do it. You will be slow but over time you will build up speed.

- TRACY YANG (Kalamazoo, MI), 03/15/2018

thanks for advice, yeah, just want to make sure I minimize risk as much as possible. Hearing all these horror stories of leaks going wrong makes me want to get good at the trade. by the way, are you more in residential or industrial flat type of roofing?

- FRANCISCO HANSON (Victoria, TX), 03/25/2018

I work behind the scenes for my husband's company. He always tells guys who come to him looking for work that he is willing to train but they likely wont last one month. Most men don't understand the demanding labor and the taxing pains that go in to roofing. Once you learn the basics, you will pick up things fast but just be sure you are in good enough shape. No one likes to hire a guy who quits after a few weeks. Now is the time to get hired and learn while the work is slow.

- MARCIA MILES (Columbus, OH), 04/10/2018

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